Samsung NC20 Battery Benchmarks

Samsung NC20 has published some battery benchmarks of the new VIA Nano-powered 12.1″ Samsung NC20. Sascha has now had the chance to work with both prototypes and production models from Samsung. This is netbook/ultraportable that’s being followed closely by quite a few people, as it’s the first mainstream device to be based around VIA’s new Nano CPU platform and their VX800 chipset. Being that the 10″ Samsung NC10 was well-received (and powered by an Intel Atom CPU), most of the comparisons are directly against the NC10.

Some of the battery benchmarks:
– Over 2 hours, 15 minutes in “worst case scenario” with CPU usage maxed out.
– DIVX playback – almost 5 hours
– General/typical web browsing, medium brightness – around 5.5 hours.

As the article mentions, the NC20 has a larger display, which does affect the battery life and should be taken into account.

They’ve also included quite a few CPU and memory/bandwidth benchmarks, and overall, according to Sascha, VIA’s Nano platform is a real competitor to the Intel Atom platform/CPU. This is extremely good news – hopefully it’ll prompt Intel to get the dual-core Atoms out there quicker, and possibly help with companies moving to the NVIDIA Ion platform.

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