Amazon’s Kindle 2 is Actually in Stock

Amazon Kindle 2 For those who prefer to pack a lot of books with them on trips, or who are trying to simply their lives and move to all digital media where possible, Amazon’s Kindle 2 is actually in stock a day earlier than anticipated.

– Price: $359 USD
– Slight over 1/3-inch (8.5mm) thick
– 10.2 ounces (0.3 kg)
– Built-in 3G wireless to download books (no fees or service plans required)

Improvements over the first generation Kindle:
– Better display – 16 shades of gray, closer to real paper
– 25% longer battery life
– Increased storage
– Faster page turning

It’s also got the “Read-to-Me” feature which is basic Text-to-Speech function that will read anything loaded on your Kindle.

Originally it was supposed to be available tomorrow.