VIA Launches How To Be Mobile Website

VIA Technologies VIA Technologies has launched a site, How To Be Mobile, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The tagline is “Your guide to geting the most from your mini-notes, notebooks, and ultra mobile devices” and it looks to be aimed at how-to types of articles. Of course, since it’s sponsored and administrated by VIA, it’ll probably lean towards VIA-specific technologies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it heavy with Samsung NC20 related content, although from the sounds of things, VIA’s new Nano CPU should see wider use than the C7-M series.

If you’ll recall, last year Intel paid quite a bit of money to buy up, which is more of a showcase of Intel’s Atom CPU.

VIA is being smarter about it – from the looks of the site and content, it’s not as dry as, and is more focused on interaction with mobile users.

The website:

Yes, they even have a Twitter feed.

via jkOnTheRun