MSI X-Slim X320 – Under $900?

MSI X-Slim X320 One of the largest, if not the largest, Intel Atom-powered ultraportables, the 13.4-inch MSI X-Slim X320, may sell for around $850 USD.

We’ve been waiting since the X320 was formally announced back in January for a price. The official line was that it would be $700 – $900 USD. It’s been complicated by the introduction of the X340 (which is not using an Atom but instead using a slightly more powerful ULV CPU).

– 13.4″ Display
– 19.8mm Thick (0.78 inches)
– MSI ECO Engine/functionality to prolong battery life
– Up to 10 hours of run-time with the 8-cell battery (a 4-cell is available as well)
– No internal optical drive

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via SlashGear