Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – Look Under the Hood, Ships in April

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (or Dell Inspiron 1010 as it’s sometimes referred to) was just made available fore pre-order last week, initially through QVC, but now it’s currently available for pre-order through the Dell Home and Home Office Store, with a tentative ship date of April 6, 2009.

If you can’t wait to see how it’s put together, some of the online service documentation (also available for download) shows the inner-workings of the new 10-inch Intel Atom-powered device.

Among the highlights:
– The TV Tuner card (next to the SATA HDD bay, under the left palmrest)
– The Hard Drive, while it’s buried underneath the keyboard, doesn’t look to be all that hard to replace or upgrade with a larger capacity drive. It’s in a tray, and it looks like only the battery and keyboard need to be pulled and then you have full access. It even has a pull-tab to help remove it.
– The SIM card slot (assuming your model has one) is directly behind the battery, and apparently easy to get to.

You can access the support site through here:
via jkkmobile