MSI X-Slim X340 Hands-On (SlashGear)

MSI X-Slim X340 SlashGear has posted a hands-on look at the new 13-inch MSI X-Slim X340 with several photos. They’ve also included the press release from MSI, where MSI better explains how the X340 differs from the X-Slim X320 which shares a similar size and design.

MSI describes the ultra-thin X340 as “Light, Slim, Aesthetic” and it’s definitely slim – its thickness measures from 0.24 – 0.78 inches (6mm – 19.8mm). The ultraportable/ultra-slim device also weighs in at less than 2.9 pounds (1.3kg). There will be three colors available: Splendid Champagne Gold, Elegant Pearl White and Stylish Techno Black

MSI explains that the X320 (based on Intel Atom/Menlow) is designed for those seeking longer battery life, while the X340 is intended for those who want something around that size, but who have multimedia requirements. As such, the X340 is based on Intel’s Centrino Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) paltform. With that, they claim the X340 still consumes one-sixth the power of other notebook notebooks (obviously not Atom-based notebooks/netbooks).

Among those multimedia-specific features, an HDMI port is included, and the LED-displaydisplay has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

As far as release dates and final pricing – that’s up in the air, although pricing should be under $1000 USD.

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