LG X110 in the US Before July, X120 in Europe This Month

LG X110 Earlier this past week, Skott Ahn, the president and CEO of LG’s mobile communications business, gave some release dates for the 10-inch LG X110 and the LG X120 (aka the Xnote Mini/Xenia series).

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Ahn said that LG will be entering the US PC market before July, with the X110. The X110 is already available in other major markets. The unsubsidized price will be around $400. This matches some tentative information that came out back in the middle of last month that AT&T would be selling some netbooks through the AT&T stores, with the LG Xenia being mentioned (and a subsidized price of $279 USD) as being sold with a mobile broadband data plan.

The X120 will be available later this month in Europe. No date was given for the X120 in the US.

LG’s spokeswoman Judy Pae said “We expect the global market for netbooks will show continuous growth” and Ahn mentioned that LG Electronics is trying to find a balance between traditional laptops and smartphones, saying “A lot of experiments are taking place to come up with something between smart phones and laptops….There is a gap, for sure, between the two categories, so we are experimenting to see which products fit our customers’ unmet need.

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