Special Edition Samsung NC10 (Amazon) – Ship Dates, Price Drop, Display

Samsung NC10 If you are in the US, and are looking at the 10-inch Samsung NC10, specifically the “Special Edition” Samsung NC10-11PBK, shipments have started. Currently if you order one, you maybe waiting 2-5 weeks, but they have already started shipping to those who pre-ordered back in February.

The NC10-11PBK is available exclusively from Amazon.com. Do you see a trend here? The 12.1-inch Samsung NC20 is going to be available through only one retailer in the US as well, although it’s not a special edition (the NC10 is available from other US retailers). It’s an interesting move by Samsung.

Not only that, but the price has dropped to $469 (link at Amazon). That puts it on average of around $30 or so more than the typical NC10.

The NC10-11PBK is a really interesting move, since it differs quite a bit from normal NC10s:
6-cell High Capacity Battery – 5900mAh (Samsung claims 9.4 hours)
– Larger touch pad than other NC10s

The first is not such a big deal – swapping batteries is not a big issue. The larger touchpad required a change in the manufacturing of that part of the chassis/case.

What was reported to be Anti-reflection gloss coating for the display, seems to resemble a matte display instead – up on Amazon.com, somebody who received their NC10SE said that it was more of a matte display. Others contacted Samsung and reported that “anti-reflection gloss coating” is just a marketing term and that it was more in line with the matte displays of the conventional NC10. We have sent a note off asking for confirmation as well.

As far as the other specifications, it comes with a standard 1.6GHz Intel Atom, 1GB Memory, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP, and it’s black.

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