Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 On Friday, LAPTOP Magazine posted their review of the new 10.1-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 10. The Inspiron Mini 10 joins the 8.9-inch Inspiron Mini 9 and Inspiron Mini 12 in Dell’s Intel Atom-powered netbook/ultraportable lineup. The Mini 10 comes with a Z530 Silverthorne CPU, still running at 1.6GHz.

In the review, Joanna Stern mentions this interesting fact: The Mini 10 has a larger keyboard than the Mini 12. It’s slightly deeper, with the bottom row of keys being slightly larger. It’s quite a bit larger than the Mini 9, due to Dell removing the dedicated row of function keys on the Mini 9. The touchpad also has the left and right mouse buttons integrated into the touchpad itself. It can create some issues with the “pinch-and-zoom”/multi-touch capabilities of the touchpad.

In order to keep it thin on the sides, Dell went with an HDMI port instead of a VGA port. They mentioned there wasn’t too much glare even though the display is glossy. The model they tested had a 3-cell battery, and Dell told them that a six-cell would be available in the next few months (along with the 1366 x 768 display).

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