Intel to Push Ultra Low Voltage Tech into Mainstream

Intel Logo Channel Register posted some comments made last week during CeBIT 2009 by Intel’s mobile marketing director, Karen Regis, as well discussing the roadmap Intel is laying out for some of its mobile platforms.

First, the Montevina Plus platform, sequel to last year’s Montevina, would be rolled out by Intel starting sometime in the second quarter. This platform would see Intel Penryn CPUs clocking in at 3GHz or faster. High Definition content/video would also see a boost from Montevina Plus.

Next, and most important to those of us interested in smaller laptops/notebooks and other ultraportables, Intel would be making it’s Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) technology available to mainstream devices. The best example of Intel’s current ULV deployment includes the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air and Samsung X360, with the upcoming MSI X-Slim X340 being an example of the newer deployments.

Intel wants to get ULV tech into cheaper platforms, with the MSI X340 being a prime example – Intel wants to see these in systems costing around $599 – $1,000 USD. These are full systems and not scaled-down ultraportables like “netbooks” or MIDs.

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