More Apple Touchscreen Netbook Rumors (Dow Jones)

Apple MacBook Air Dow Jones Newswires is reporting that “two people close to the situation” have told them that Apple will be launching a touchscreen netbook as early as the second half of 2009 (from July on).

This follows yesterday’s report from DigiTimes/Commercial Times concerning a touch screen netbook from Apple, being launched sometime in the third quarter, with primary manufacturing from Quanta Computer Inc.

They believe the display will be between 9.7 – 10 inches, although exact specifications have yet to be determined, and that Wintek Corp. will be responsible for the displays.

As I said yesterday, the timing would coincide with the availability of the NVIDIA Ion platform, which would provide a boost for OS X, as well as HD content (which Apple is pushing through its iTunes Music Store.

As usual, Apple declined to comment on the Dow Jones Newswires report.


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