LG X120 – Taken Apart

LG X110 If you are interested in seeing what’s under the hood of the upcoming LG X120, Linus Tech Tips Blog has taken apart a European model. The European model at least has a glossy screen (and when the LG X120 is available in the US, it will probably have the same display as well).

It’s easier to take apart than some – once the bottom screws are removed, and the keyboard is gently pulled up, there are two more screws and then everything comes apart.

From the included photos, RAM and the 2.5 Serial ATA (SATA) hard-drive are easy to swap/upgrade. The Wireless/PCI-Express card(s) (WiFi) is easy to change if you need to as well – from the photos, you can see the layout, right next to the HDD.

Even though it’s similar to the LG X110 (at least as far as specifications), Linux mentions that the X120 has improved in a lot of areas:

… the fit & finish of this new model is definitely improved. It’s stylish looking and I LOVE the keyboard/touch pad. Someone finally got it right. Too many times I’ve seen “perfect keyboard except…” and touchpads that are just ridiculously small. This 10″ model has crammed in everything you need, a decent-sized touch pad, and normal button positions.

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