Apple iPhone OS 3.0 – Copy and Paste, Multi-Tasking?

Apple iPhone 3G In a follow-up to this week’s upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 announcement, there are plenty of rumors and comments flying around.

At South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Kevin Rose, Digg founder, is claiming that the “centerpiece” of the upcoming OS 3.0 announcement would be copying and pasting text, as well as multi-tasking.

He believes that much of the efforts that Apple has been putting into the iPhone are to match some of the software advantages/advances available in the Palm Pre. He also said that video capture was out.

Gizmodo is claiming similar information from other sources.

They also claim that MMS will not be added at this time.

Nobody can seem to confirm whether or not tethering to laptops/notebooks will be allowed. Given that it’s already been proven to be relatively easy to add (through jailbreaking of iPhones), and that AT&T has been interested in it, it’s probably going to roll out when AT&T has a grasp on how to handle usage. Obviously tethering would not fall under the current iPhone data contracts, since a tethered laptop/notebook could easily blow through 5GB in a matter of days.