MSI Wind U110 ECO Announced

MSI Wind U120 MSI has announced a refresh or addition to the MSI Wind U110 line, calling it the MSI Wind U110 ECO.

It’s based on the Intel Menlow Platform, powered by an Intel Atom CPU. MSI is claiming up to 9 hours of battery life, saying that the “U110 ECO is the world’s power saving No.1 Netbook!” (as jkOnTheRun mentions, that’s probably under the most ideal situation. The chipset is the Intel Poulsbo US15W. The original U110 featured an Intel N270, and the new U110 ECO is using a Z530 Atom CPU. The change in chipset and CPU can boost the battery life quite a bit, but 9 hours is pushing it.

It features a redesigned keyboard, with a pitch of 17.5mm between the keys, along with a redesigned spacebar and touchpad. There’s also the option for a 2.0MP Webcam, a rarity among netbooks (even 1.3MP can be a rarity among current netbooks).

– Intel Menlow Platform/Atom CPU
– 802.11b/g/n
– Bluetooth
– 3-cell or 6-cell battery
– 1.3MP or 2.0MP webcam
– Up to 2.5″ Serial ATA (SATA) HDD – 80GB, 120GB, or 160GB.

Note: The U110 ECO does not feature an ATI graphics chipset.

MSI Press Release
via jkOnTheRun