Samsung NC20 in US – Delayed Until April

Samsung NC20 Earlier this month, we mentioned that the 12-inch Samsung NC20 would be available this week from NewEgg (March 16 to be precise).

This is an exclusive distribution deal for the USA.

Unfortunately that’s been delayed until the first week of April, according to LAPTOP Magazine, but there is some good news. The US-bound NC20 has 5900 mAH high-capacity battery – models available outside of North America have a 5200 mAH battery. That should be matched by a 13% or so increase in battery life.

The only model available will be black, and will retail for $549 (it’s around $480 overseas). If you’re interested in another color/model, keep in mind that with the NC10, Samsung originally wasn’t going to carry some models/colors, but later on, a black option for the NC10 was offered.

This will be the first VIA Nano-based netbook/ultraportable laptop available in the US.

Read: LAPTOP Magazine