Intel Reported to Postpone Menlow Atom CPUs

Intel Atom DigiTimes is reporting that Intel will be temporarily postponing two of its upcoming Menlow-based Atom CPUs to sometime in mid-April.

These are primarily intended for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), however they could find their way into other devices such as netbooks. The CPUs affected are:

Intel Atom Z550
– 1.2GHz
– Supports Intel US15W chipset
– Features Burst Performance Technology (BPT) which can automatically adjust core frequency depending on performance and can reduce power consumption.

Intel Atom Z515
– 2.0GHz
– Supports Intel US15W chipset
– Also supports Intel UL11L chipset (a low-power/ultra-low-power chipset)

Both CPUs are listed as having an average power consumption of 0.22W, with a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 2.4W. Intel would not comment on the release dates.

Read: DigiTimes