Release Dates for LG X120

LG X120 We are finally getting some release dates for the upcoming 10-inch LG X120.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the X110 would be available in the US before July, with a European release this month (March) for the X120.

Engadget found a press release from LGE stating the following shipping dates:
– March – Japan
– April – Europe and 20 other nations

Chances are high that the “20 other nations” includes mostly Asian countries. Whether the Intel Atom-based X120 will be available in the US or not remains to be seen. The earlier report was mainly focused on the X110 being LG’s entry into the US PC market. It’s possible the X110 and X120 could be made available in the US around the same time – AT&T has apparently expressed an interest in selling netbooks from LG, and they already have a solid relationship with them through their cell/mobile phone sales.

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via Engadget