Panasonic ToughBook 30 vs GammaTech Durabook D15RP (Engadget)

Panasonic ToughBook 30 Engadget has posted a review/comparison of the current rugged Intel Centrino 2-based 13.3″ Panasonic ToughBook 30 versus the semi-rugged 15.4″ GammaTech Durabook D15RP. The ToughBook 30 isn’t exactly ultraportable – it weighs in at over 8 pounds, however it’s one of the most rugged/durable in its class, if not the most rugged/durable. Both of these meet MIL-STD-810F specifications, which is a set of standards put out by the US Army to test just how rugged certain devices are within certain environmental/field conditions (heat, cold, drop-tests, dust-proof, liquids, etc.).

It’s a unique comparison – the Toughbook has a lower-voltage SL9300 Intel Core 2 Duo, versus the Durabook’s Intel T8300 (faster/higher voltage), as well as the displays – the Panasonic’s is one of the few 13.3-inch displays using a non-widescreen XGA resolution (1024×768) while the GammaTech has a 15.4-inch 1280×800. In the Toughbook’s defense, it does have a touchscreen display

The review is worth it just to watch the videos of both being put through their paces – drop tests (to test the cases as well as seeing just how shock/drop-proof the HDD setups are) as well as the reviewer physically standing on them and pouring water on them.

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