Dell Studio XPS 13 Unboxing (Engadget)

Dell Logo Engadget managed to get their hands on Dell’s Studio XPS 13, their soon-to-be latest 13-inch laptop.

From the gallery and release information back in December of last year, it looks like there have been a few slight changes.

Engadget notes that the display has a lot of glare, as well as the touchpad is slightly off to the left of center, which is very odd. While it’s very sleek and thin, it’s still sporting a full-size keyboard (chiclet-style) and a 13.3-inch display.

The model they received came with the NVIDIA GeForce 9500M graphics chipset, but they didn’t mention whether it came with the slot-loading Blu-Ray drive that was previously mentioned last year. Unless it’s changed, it should have a Hybrid SLI graphics, similar to the 15″ Apple MacBook Pros.

You can see from the photos that it does come with an HDMI port. It may have a Mini DisplayPort as well, which wouldn’t be surprising. Dell does support the DisplayPort standard on some of their LCD displays.

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