NVIDIA Talks About the ION

NVIDIA NVIDIA has issued another press release about the ION platform, along with a few more details about launches, as well as commitments from software companies in regards to boosting/optimizing software for the ION platform.

Companies mentioned include Microsoft (no surprise), Electronic Arts, Adobe (Flash anyone?), and Google. Games and applications mentioned as benefitting from the Ion include Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop, Spore, Call of Duty 4, PowerDVD, and a few other games.

They’ve also posted a video discussing the ION, with select comments from interviews. Among those interviewed in the video, Corey Rosemond, Microsoft’s Windows Gaming Group Marketing Manager, along with others in the industry, with all involved putting an emphasis on the portability and low price point of the ION platform.

While I see the appeal of an NVIDIA ION ultraportable running a hardware-accelerated Photoshop CS4, I’m wondering if the limitations won’t be under the hood but rather what you see in front of you – Photoshop these days is not the best of experiences on a 1024×600 or 1024×576 display. There is a niche to be filled though, there are plenty of people who want that kind of functionality. The more interesting thing to me is High Definition video, along with 720p or 1080p output. It would be interesting to see an ION-powered ultraportable being used as a mobile HTPC.

Unfortunately we don’t get anything too specific, just that there will be some “incredibly small and affordable PCs” available sometime between now and the end of the quarter (June). Take it for what it is – the start of the marketing hype, but it’s a good sign of things to come.

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(Video – 480p WMV)