Asus Sort of Announces Eee PC 1218

ASUS DESIGN has found a unique way of introducing a new Eee PC netbook, by announcing that it’s won the 2010 international red dot design award.

The new netbook from Asustek is the Eee PC 1218 and they have reason to mention it winning a design aware- unlike a lot of netbooks, they’ve designed it with all ports on the back so that the sides are port-free (and clutter free). The casing/frame looks to be made out of aluminum with a one-piece bottom.

We know very little else about it, other than what was mentioned on the website:

The ultra-slim EeePC1218 series delivers an optimal balance of usability & portability. A unique internal layout allows for a full array of ports to be positioned at the rear of the device, this means that the front and sides of the device are completely smooth making it easy to carry and visually uncluttered. The visual simplicity continues inside with the one piece aluminum palm rest and keyboard frame, a sliding cover on the webcam assures privacy.

From what can be seen on the Asus Design website, it looks like it has the following:
– 3x USB ports
– 1x Ethernet
– 1x VGA (yes VGA)
– Normal Audio I/O (headphones/microphone)
– Possibly an HDMI port next to the VGA port, even though this doesn’t make sense
– Secure Digital Card slot on the read left side. Given that they claim all ports are on the back, this is technically still the case as you could consider the SD slot a slot.

via liliputing