SSD Roundup/Benchmarks for MacBook Pros

Bare Feats has put together a set of benchmarks with the second generation of Solid State Drives (SSDs) using the new 2010 Core i5 and i7 Apple MacBook Pros.

Included in the benchmarks are Apple’s normal Hard Drive options as well as their 512GB SSD option, and they are matched up against the following SSDs:
– Crucial C300 SSD
– Crucial M225 SSD
– Intel X25-M
– OWC Mercury Extreme SSD
– OCZ Vertex SSD
– OCZ Vertex LE SSD

In addition to the sequential and random read and writes, Bare Feats will be adding Photoshop, Compressor, Motion, and other benchmarks. While they are using MacBook Pros, most of the results should be applicable to other laptops and netbooks.