Asustek Lamborghini Eee PC VX6, Acer Ferrari Within Months?

Digitimes has word of a couple of high-end or “luxurious” netbooks from Asustek and Acer that might be launching sometime in the fourth quarter. One of details mentioned about the Asustek netbook is a dual-core Intel Atom. That could be the Atom N550 that Intel announced earlier today. It would be fitting since that is the latest and greatest Atom CPU that would be available in that time frame.

On tap for Asustek:
– Asustek Lamboghini Eee PC VX6 (ASUS)
– 12.1-inch display
– $699 USD
– Intel Atom dual-core (probably Atom N550)
– NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics
– Available in September or October

The other netbook that was mentioned, the Acer Ferrari-branded netbook, was listed as having an AMD Fusion processor. That might very well tie into AMD demonstrating Fusion next month.

Acer’s upcoming netbook:
– Acer Ferrari
– 11.6-inch display
– AMD Fusion (Ontario)
– Available in 4Q 2010

The article mentions that Acer has also announced another device in the Ferrari lineup, the Liquid E Ferrari which is a Google Android-based smartphone.

Read: DigiTimes