AMD Drops ATI Brand Name

AMD is confirming that they are dumping the ATI brand name for its graphics lineup. ATI was founded in 1985, and then acquired by AMD in 2006. The ATI branding will be dropped in favor of AMD Radeon or just Radeon, as well as FirePro for the workstation-level graphics. This move was preceded by surveys that AMD took regarding brand recognition as far as Radeon, ATI, and AMD, and they felt that the results gave them “permission” to ditch the ATI brand. The AMD brand was apparently stronger than the ATI brand.

It’s not too surprising – AMD has been pushing forward with an integrated solution where CPUs and graphics processors are integrated into one chip. In fact, AMD will probably be demonstrating at IFA next month. This will also be tied into AMD’s “Vision” branding which in theory will reduce confusion in the market.