HP Mini 5103 and the Intel Atom N550

Last week, Intel announced that dual-core Intel Atom N550 CPUs were shipping. In the press release, HP wasn’t specifically mentioned.

HotHardware was poking around in the Energy Star profile (EnergyStar.gov) of the HP Mini 5103 netbook as well as a user manual and discovered a listing with a 1.5GHz CPU which probably indicates the N550 Atom.

Right now, the HP Mini 5103 entry on HP.com still lists single-core Intel N455 (1.66GHz) or N475 (1.83GHz) Atom processors with the Intel NM10 Express chipset. While the single-core N475 is around 20% faster than the dual-core N550, the dual core (and hyperthreading) is a performance boost for a lot of applications and multi-tasking that the N475 can’t match. If you are just doing simple email or web-browsing, you’re not going to notice too much of a difference, but if you are working with multimedia (photo editing, etc.), or doing more than one or two things, it does start ot make a huge difference.

Other minor details mentioned in the EnergyStar filing and the manual:
– Windows 7
– Up to 320GB HDD
– 9.25 Watts (idle)
– Spill-resistant keyboard
– Capacitive touchscreen (optional)

via: HotHardware