Live Coverage of the “Back to the Mac” Event from Apple

As mentioned in the Back to the Mac article I just posted, I’ll be covering it here.

You can view the live stream here on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6 and Snow Leopard and Safari or an iPhone or iPad, and iPod touch. Latest updates at the bottom.

Event has started:
– Discussion of developers – AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, etc.
– Discussion of Mac sales, Apple Stores.

iLife ’11 Announced!
– iPhoto enhancements. Right now an Apple VP is doing a demonstration of iPhoto ’11. It’s a long demonstration, some interesting new features, especially some of the full-screen views. Books have been enhanced and are easier to create.
– Now we have an iMovie ’11 demonstration and discussion. iMovie has been made over. The new trailer feature is slick. Trailer demonstration is wrapping up.
– GarageBand ’11 is now being demonstrated.
– iLife ’11 is going to cost $49

Facetime being discussed
-Facetime for the Mac announced. Will be able to work with iPhone 4 and supported iPod touches.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Announced
– iPad/iOS features being ported to Mac OS X 10.7. Discussion things they like about iOS and iPad.
– “Touch surfaces want to be horizontal” so no touchscreen displays on Macs for the time being.
– App store for Mac OS X
– Discussion of Launchpad, Mission Control, and Full-screen views.
– Discussion of Lion is being wrapped up.
– Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be released in summer of 2011.

New MacBook Air?
Steve is discussion “One More Thing” is this the MacBook Air? Steve is talking about a MacBook meeting iPad.

– 0.68 inches thin at thickest point, tapers to 0.11 inch
– 2.9 pounds
– Complete Unibody construction.
– Full-sized keyboard and glass trackpad.
– 13.3-inch LED backlit display – 1440 x 900 pixels (more than 15″ MacBook Pro)
– Core 2 Duo
– NVIDIA GeForce 320M
– FaceTime camera
– No optical drive
– No hard drive – complete flash/solid-state storage. It is not in the form factor of a 2.5″ or 1.8″ case either, it’s just the chips.
– 7 hours usage with wireless/web. Steve says the tests are more stringent/realistic.
– 30 days standby time

11.6-inch MacBook Air
– 1366×768 display
– 2.3 pounds
– Core 2 Duo
– NVIDIA GeForce 320M
– Full-size keyboard and mult-touch trackpad
– FaceTime camera
– 5 hours wireless web tests – battery life
– 30 days standby time


11.6-inch1.4GHz64 GB$999

Available now.

And the event is over.