is Coming Back – July, 2019

You will have to excuse the mess the next few weeks, as I work on reviving It was never truly dead – it’s been up all these 7 or so years since I last posted, and it was kept updated on the back-end for the most part, serving as a repository of information on smaller laptops. There was just no new stories, and very few updates to the database.

Why the abrupt stop back in 2012? There were changes in advertising revenue that made it not work for me, as far as the time that I put into it, and that was on top of the birth of a child, that tied up all of the free time that I had been using to work on this site.

Why make the site active again? I’ve been asked a lot by visitors and friends about bringing it back over the years, but there’s been some really exciting things happening in the past year or so that are bringing UMPCs and ultrabooks, and the netbook successors back into more mainstream computing. Of course, I say that while typing from my heavily upgraded and maxed-out ThinkPad X220 (I’ll write about that at some point). I have more to write about the whole thing, but I’m saving that for a later date.

Our focus isn’t changing much, just shifting a little bit, but it will still be focused mainly on 6-inch to 12-inch laptops. This will be the emphasis going forward:
– Laptops that are 12-inches and under
– 13-inch and 14-inch laptops that weigh less than 3 pounds / 1.4kg
– Chromebooks, netbooks, Ultrabooks, etc. that meet the above requirements
– Convertible and/or touchscreen laptops and tablets (with keyboards) that meet the above requirements.
– Other such computing devices that are cool

Going forward, we will talk plenty about software and accessories. I will be posting stories multiple times throughout the week.

At the same time much of my time will be spent updating the device database and getting it into a more presentable state, as well as reformatting the data that’s already present on the site. This involves going through thousands of pages, but it will be worth it, because along the way I will be updating the organization of the site so that you can quickly find the laptops or tablets you need.

Over the next few weeks, you will see a lot of changes – not just visual changes (such as the website theme), but also changes and improvements in functionality as well. I will try and go back and do a quick look and update at the older stories, but that’s thousands of stories.


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