Acorn Solo Note (solonote)

Note: There are actually two ultraportable laptops from Acorn: Acorn Solonote sn-1 – Intel-based Acorn Solonote sn-2 – AMD Based This page is now obsolete, please refer to the links above.

Announced: Acorn Revived! To Produce Notebooks

In a very surprising move, Acorn Computers is making a comeback, this time in the area of notebook computers. According to Reg Hardware, Acorn will produce, among other notebooks, a 12.1-inch ultraportable notebook, the Acorn Solo Note that will have a widescreen display, run Windows XP, and include Sun’s Star Office. That’s all we know for now – the rest of the details will be revealed on May 10th, 2006, when the Solo Note, as well as Acorn’s other offerings, are revealed publicly. In addition the company(s) or individual(s) behind this will be revealed as well.

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