Asus R1E: Approved by the FCC

Last week we mentioned that the Asus R1E had shown up on the FCC website ( and that it meant that the Asus R1E should be available soon (once the FCC certification and approval process was complete). is reporting that the FCC has approved … Read more

Asus R1E: It’s on the FCC Site

Looks like the Asus R1E has shown up on the FCC website, confirmed by PC Joint. This means we should be seeing fairly soon, as it undergoes FCC testing for compliance and certification. The Asus R1E is the latest Intel Santa-Rosa based Tablet PC/Laptop (“convertible”) … Read more

Asus R1E Details Emerge

Through PC Magazine’s Gearlog site, some more details have emerged about the Asus R1E (we came across some information about a prototype of the Asus R1E a few days ago on a Chinese website ( This confirmed that it would be available soon and has … Read more

Asus R1E / R1

Summary: 13.3″ widescreen touchscreen, 4.4 pounds, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Santa Rosa,


Summary: 2007, Intel Core 2 Duo, 13.3″ Touchscreen/Tablet