Review: ASUS U1F / U1 (PC Magazine)

We are playing catch up and starting to add more laptops to the site. One of those we haven’t added util now is one that is starting to get a lot of attention, the ASUS U1F (maybe referred to as ASUS U1 depending on location). … Read more


Summary: 2007, 11.1″ Intel Core Duo Low Voltage – Replaced by the Asus U2E

Unboxing of the Asus U2E (PC Perspective)

PC Perspective has published an unboxing and some brief thoughts on the ultraportable 11.1″ Asus U2E. The Asus U2E is the sequel to the Asus U1 series and comes with either black or brown leather and copper accents and has a hand-polished steel frame (i.e. … Read more

Review: Asus U2E (VR-Zone)

VR-Zone has put together one of the first reviews of the Asus U2E 11.1″ ultraportable laptop, including tearing it down to its components. The Asus U2E replaces the Asus U1 series and is powered by an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Merom-2M U7500 (1.066GHz) running on … Read more

Asus U2E Delayed

Looks like the luxurious leather-clad 11.1″ Asus U2E is going to be delayed in order that its launch can be coordinated with other Asus product launches, according to InfoWorld. The delay for the sequel to the Asus U1F was announced today by an Asustek representative. … Read more