Asus W7Sg in Korea

Asus is set to launch it’s new ASUS W7Sg in Korea. The W7Sg has a widescreen 13.3-inch display and weights just under 2 kg (4.3 pounds). The W7Sg is an upgrade of the ASUS W7S, with additional CPU options as well as an upgraded graphics … Read more

Asus W7Sg

Summary: 2008, Intel Core 2 Duo (wide range of CPUs), Santa Rosa, 13.3-inch Widescreen

Review: ASUS W7S ( has a user-submitted review up of the latest and greatest 13.3″ laptop from ASUS, the ASUS W7S. The ASUS W7S is powered by Intel’s Core 2 Duos (the fully-powered T7x000 series) running on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform, and it has a dedicated NVIDIA 8400M … Read more

Review: Asus W7S (LAPTOP Magazine)

LAPTOP Magazine has published a review online of the Asus W7S (in this case, the W7S-B1B model). This model pushes what we are labeling a “small” or “ultraportable”, since it has a weight of 4.3 pounds combined with a 13.3″, but it’s definitely lighter than … Read more

Asus W7S

Summary: 13.3″ Widescreen, Intel Core 2 Duo T7x00 Series, Santa Rosa Based, 4.3 pounds, Currently in production (2008)