Dell Inspiron 300m (12.1″ XGA, Intel Pentium M LV, 2003)

Summary: 12.1″ XGA, Low Voltage Pentium M, 3 pounds Similar Laptops: – Replaced by Dell Inspiron 700M – Search for Dell 300m News Product Name: Dell Inspiron 300m Official Page: N/A> Manufacturer: Dell Announced: 2003 Available: July 29, 2003 Status: Discontinued Price: Markets: Worldwide … Read more

Dell Inspiron 700M (12.1″ WS, Intel Pentium M, 2004)

Summary: Budget 12.1″ Widescreen, Intel Pentium M Similar Laptops: – Replaced by the Dell Inspiron 710m – Replaces Dell Inspiron 300m – Search for Dell 700m News Product Name: Dell Inspiron 700m Official Page: N/A Manufacturer: Dell Announced: 2004 Available: Middle of 2004, refreshed … Read more

Apple and Netbooks

Kevin Tofel over at jkOnTheRun wrote a good summary of why we’ll probably see an Apple netbook sometime this year. He listed three very good reasons why Apple will produce a netbook, and I agree for the most part – I differ on the issue … Read more

Laptop Drivers

Master list of driver links/pages for laptops/notebooks. Note: Newer laptops may not be listed here – refer to their page for driver links.