Windows 7 Pre-Beta on HP 2133 Mini-Note

We’ve already seen a few instances of Windows 7 on netbooks. Now HP Mini Guide has loaded a Windows 7 Pre-Beta on a VIA-powered HP 2133 Mini-Note. Keep in mind the VIA CPU used (C7-M series) was underpowered compared to the Intel Atoms, etc., that … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note Updates Part II

About three weeks ago, we mentioned that HP was getting aggressive with the price drops and rebates on the VIA-powered HP 2133 Mini-Note netbook. There were $50 and $100 rebates being offered on top of lowered prices. The rebates have been dropped in favor of … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note – Rebates, Update Soon?

Either HP is getting ready to announce an update to the 8.9″ HP 2133 Mini-Note, or they are feeling the heat of the competition from other netbooks (remember, HP was one of the first to roll out an 8.9″ netbook with quite a few compelling … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note – Sequel with VIA Nano CPUs?

A week ago, we saw rumors of HP moving to the Intel Atom, with the addition of a 10.2″ panel to their 8.9-inch HP 2133 Mini-Note lineup. DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard has placed orders for VIA’s new Nano CPUs (which are currently shipping). Keep … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note in the Classroom

Might the HP 2133 Mini-Note gain additional popularity with students (a target audience that HP mentioned was important to the 2133’s success). HP made an announcement yesterday at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) that the Fresno, California, United School District is working on deploying … Read more