CTL 2Go PC / Intel Classmate 2

Summary: 8.9-inch, Intel Classmate 2 Derivative, Intel Celeron M 900MHz, Announced April 2008, Durable, Drop-resistant, SSD or Mechanical storage

Intel Classmate PC

Summary: 7-inch, 800×480, SSD Storage, Intel Celeron M, Reference Design Last Updated: April 13, 2008

2008 Engadget Awards – Voting Winding Down

If you haven’t had a chance, you still have several hours to vote in the 2008 Engadget Awards, for the “best of” tech from 2008, as well as the tech-related items you most anticipate this year. Voting ends tonight. The results will be released at … Read more

ECS: G10IL Sales, European Mobile Connectivity

PC World is running a couple of articles about the ECS G10IL, which is the netbook entry from Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS). It’s a 10-inch or 8.2-inch ultraportable notebook powered by an Intel Atom CPU and either Microsoft Windows XP or Linux. They expect to … Read more

Mini/Sub-Notebook Typing Contest (LAPTOP Mag)

LAPTOP Magazine held a small contest last week, where they brought in three of the new “netbook” or sub-notebooks (or mini-notebooks if you prefer), and brought in several people, who then engaged in a typing contest on each, to see which of these devices handled … Read more