Announced: Samsung Q30-SSD (Solid State Disk)

Samsung has announced their “new” Q30-SSD ultramobile notebook. It’s based on the Q30 with a few major differences, chief among them, the harddrive is no longer mechanical/spindle based – it’s made from 32GB of NAND/flash memory and is referred to as a “Solid State Disk” (SSD). What this means is that it reads 300 percent faster (53MB/s) and writes 150 percent quicker (28MB/s) than normal hard drives.

It’s also better on the battery life, completly quiet (they are using a Celeron M and therefore no fans in the notebook), and is much more shock-proof than traditional harddrives. It has a 12.1-inch display, starts at around $3700 USD, and will be available in Korea, starting in June (no word on availability outside of the US).

This is the first time that a NAND flash-based harddrive has shipped in a computer.

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