Review: Sony VAIO TZ90 (

Outrigger at has put together an extensive review of the Sony VAIO TZ90. It’s not available in the USA, yet. The VAIO TZ90 is Sony’s replacement for their TX series, as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sony’s 505, one of the first … Read more

Sony VAIO TZ (TZ90)

Search for news about the Sony VAIO TZ90 Product Name: Sony VAIO TZ TZ90 Official Page: Sony Japan (Japanese) Manufacturer: Sony Announced: Announced/leaked May 2007 Available: Now Price: Markets: – Confirmed: Japan – Uncomfirmed: USA towards the end of July, 2007 – Maybe available through … Read more

Review: Sony VAIO VGN-TZ150N (LAPTOP Magazine)

Well, you’re probably getting overloaded with information about the US (possibly North America) release of Sony’s VAIO TZ series, replacing the VAIO TX series as the flagship line of Sony ultraportables, but you’ll find this worth reading, as LAPTOP Magazine has one of the first … Read more

Correction: Sony VAIO TZ in US

Earlier this morning, we ran a story about the Sony VAIO TZ series coming to the US as the TZ100. Model numbers have popped up on SonyStyle and they are the TZ150 (TZ150N), TZ170 (TZ170N), TZ180N (TZ180N), TZ190 (TZ190N), and TZ191 (TZ191N). Model Number: – … Read more

Sony VAIO TZ Coming to US? (TZ100)

Update: We’ve received information on the model numbers, please see this story or refer to this page Andrew over at is reporting that the Sony VAIO TZ Series is coming to the US in August. Based on what he’s posted, it’s basically identical to … Read more