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Toshiba Satellite NB105 Netbook – Video

There’s a YouTube video of the new 8.9″ Toshiba Satellite NB105 netbook. Going by the timestamp of the video as well as the date you see on the BIOS screen in the video, it appears to have been recorded yesterday. … Continue reading

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Toshiba and Netbooks

Update: Toshiba has rolled out the Toshiba Satellite NB105. Could Toshiba be jumping into the netbook market? An anonymous user over at jkOnTheRun has mentioned that Toshiba has been showing off a netbook with decidedly normal netbook specifications: – 8.9″ … Continue reading

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Netbook Pricing to Continue Dropping?

DigiTimes is reporting that due to a strong and continued demand for Tablet PCs and Tablets (notably Apple’s iPad), that name brand vendors/manufacturers in Taiwan are dropping prices on their netbooks. Asustek is mentioned as dropping the price of new … Continue reading

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Netbooks – They are Everywhere (even Toys R Us)

Netbooks. They are everywhere. Even at Toys R Us, as you can see by the image to the right of this article. I’ve been aware of them on display at Toys R Us for a year or two, but I’m … Continue reading

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Dual-Core Intel Atom N550 Available in Netbooks today

Intel has formally announced that as of today, a dozen new netbooks are available on the new dual-core Intel Atom N550 processors. Intel Atom N550 “Pineview” Details: – 64-bit, 45nm, with SSE3 and XD bit – Dual-core, Hyper-Threading – 1.5 … Continue reading

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