Toshiba Satellite NB105 / NB100 – UK is carrying an exclusive that the new 8.9″Toshiba Satellite NB105, or Satellite NB100 as they are now calling it, will be coming to the UK later in October. It will retail for £260 (about $470 USD), which is the first price we’ve heard, and … Read more

Toshiba Satellite NB105 Netbook – Video

There’s a YouTube video of the new 8.9″ Toshiba Satellite NB105 netbook. Going by the timestamp of the video as well as the date you see on the BIOS screen in the video, it appears to have been recorded yesterday. It’s due out in November … Read more

Toshiba Satellite NB105 / NB100

Available in the UK: – Toshiba NB100-12A (Amazon UK) – 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD, Windows XP Home Summary: 8.9″ 1024×600 Display, Intel Atom Netbook, 120GB HDD Last Updated: January 24th, 2009 Similar Laptops: – Part of the netbook category

Toshiba Satellite Pro 400 Hands-On (SlashGear)

Bree over at SlashGear has posted their hands-on experience with the Toshiba Satellite Pro 400, Toshiba’s latest 13.3-inch laptop. The unit reviewed had one of Intel’s latest CPUs, the Intel T8100 Penryn 2.1GHz processor. They compared it to a regular Toshiba Satellite, and while it … Read more

Toshiba Satellite Pro Line-Up Announced

A couple of people emailed us that Toshiba has apparently announced their full Satellite Pro line-up. The Toshiba Satellite U400 / U405 have already been released, with U405 models available at Amazon and Best Buy. Just over a week ago, a new model, the U400-S1001X … Read more