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Apologies for the lack of updates, both of us ended up being out of town over the past week longer than expected and didn’t have the time or the means to update the site. Thanks, Dan and D.C.

Announced: TwoTop VIP Note MW3s

TwoTop has announced the VIP Note MW3s, a Build-to-Order (BTO) addition to their VIP Note MW3 line. For now, this is limited to Japan and possibly other parts of Asia. It weighs in a around 1.9kg/4.2 pounds. Specifications: – 12.1″ Widescreen display – Intel Santa … Read more

Review: Sony VAIO TZ “First Thoughts” (

Kevin O’Brien over at has posted his “First Thoughts” about the Sony VAIO TZ series (specifically the VGN-TZ190N), Sony’s latest ultraportable flagship line, with an 11.1″ widescreen, LED Backlit display. The TZ series weighs in at around 2.6 pounds with a standard battery. Unlike … Read more

OQO Model 02 Refreshed

OQO has announced a fairly impressive refresh of the OQO Model 02. The two biggest changes: a lower price – down to $1299, from $1499, and the option of using a 32GB Solid State Drive (although the temptation of the new 120GB drive will be … Read more