Apple’s September 9 Event

Apple iPhone 3G Yesterday’s Apple event didn’t hold too many surprises (many had been leaked ahead of time by various rumor sites), but it provided fairly solid updates to Apple’s iPod lineup, as well some interesting information.

In the humor department, Jobs jokes that “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” (complete with a slide saying that)

– iTunes now offers HD TV shows
– A “Genius” capability was added to iTunes which creates playlists from your existing library as well as recommendations from the iTunes store
– iTunes 8.0 made available
– iPod Classic drops 160GB model, upgrades 80GB to 120GB
– iPod Nano redesigned – thinner, accelerometer
– iPod Touch slightly redesigned – thinner, stainless steel, controls added, Nike+ iPod receiver built in.

The thing I was interested in was the iPhone 2.1 firmware / upgrade. It’ll be available this week, and among the fixes/updates:

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Apple Event Tomorrow (Sep 9, 2008)

There probably won’t be a replacement announced for the 13.3″ Apple MacBook at tomorrow’s Apple event / announcement, but there will be quite a few other things (it was speculated that some Macs would receive updates, and MacBooks are definitely reaching an age where they … Read more

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Specs, Flyer

Dell Inspiron 910 Over on UMPC Portal, there’s a photo of a Dell flyer that looks to contain specifications and pricing for the 8.9″ Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (you know, the Dell Inspiron Mini, Mini Inspiron, Inspiron 910, Inspiron 910 Mini).

Looks like the only major differences (besides pricing) between models is the amount of RAM, a 4GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or an 8GB SSD, Linux or Windows, and the Webcam.

This very well could be what is released later today (or tomorrow) by Dell. Here’s the specifications and editions:

Standard Edition:
– $349 USD
– Ubuntu Linux 8.04
– 512MB RAM
– No Webcam

Social Edition:

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MSI Wind U100 – USB DVD Drive

MSI has designed a new USB-powered ultra-slim DVD drive for netbooks (for MSI’s Wind U100 but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind selling a bunch to Acer and Eee PC owners as well). It’s called the MSI Wind Drive, with an aluminum chassis, and it’s not … Read more