UltraCell UC25 – Lots of Power for a Notebook

CNET Asia has some information about fuel-cell setups that many of us have been anticipating:

Its UC25 deploys readily available, low-cost methanol fuel in a compact package, and features twice the energy density of Lithium batteries at 25 watts of continuous power. In short, that means you can get nearly two days of juice for your laptop.

It should come out at the end of this year, and it looks like you could use it to power/recharge an existing notebook through an adapter (I’m hoping that’s the case). This has only been talked about for the last few years.

Yearning for color on laptops

ZDNet mentions that more and more people are customizing their laptops through changing the laptop’s outer case, whether it’s an option from the manufacturer (such as getting a different LCD backing/cover for the Dell 700M) or a third party that disassembles the laptop and paints the casing.

Announced: MoGo Mouse

Newton Peripherals has announced a new mouse that maybe of interest to ultraportable users – the MoGo Mouse. It is wireless (using Bluetooth), and when not in use or when charging, it slips into your PC Card slot – yes it uses the PC Card slot to charge itself. It has a stand on the bottom that flips out and gives the back of the mouse a little elevation.