Review: Acer TravelMate C200/C203 (Cyberlaw Central)

Kevin Thompson, over at Cyberlaw Central has posted a review of the Acer TravelMate C203. The C203 is the new “convertible” from Acer that uses a unique “sliding-track” mechanism to convert from a notebook to a Tablet PC – it happens smoothly in one motion. One thing I didn’t realize, according to Kevin, “Acer provides a cover for the screen that flips around to act as a heat shield for your lap”. Very cool. The C200/C203 has a 12.1-inch screen (non-widescreen) and has the capability to carry two batteries.

Paperless Challenge a Success

Eric Mack’s “Paperless Challenge” was a success, enough so that he has put together a podcast, and is working on another challenge (one that is presumably related). He is going to make a podcast available on his experiences of going paperless (you can submit questions if you’d like – click on the “success” link above).

Will Intel’s Napa chip run Apple laptop?

Dean Takahashi has written an article for the Mercury News/ about possible plans for Apple and Intel, specifically in regards to Intel’s new platform and CPUs coming out next month. As the article mentions, the new platform and CPUs represent the biggest upgrade laptops/notebooks in the past few years. Even if they don’t make their way into Apple’s initial Intel-based Mac offerings, you should see more than a few ultraportables sporting the new CPUs.