Intel: More Power, Less Power Usage

Yahoo/Reuters is reporting that Intel’s next mobile platform, “Napah”, and the CPUs – known as “Yonah” will use 25 percent less power while boosting performance, helping it stay on top of the fast-growing market. Scott Hillis writes that according to Keith Kressin (Intel’s mobile platform marketing chief), the new platform will use 28 percent less power while performing 68 percent better than its predecessor.

This will carry over into the ultraportable area, through the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) “Yonah” CPUs that will be made available.

‘Convertibles’ Headed Towards Larger Market Share?

There’s an article at CNET by Michael Singer about the increasing popularity of ‘convertible’ Tablet PCs – Those tablets that sport a keyboard and whose display flips around to allow the user to use it as a touchscreen tablet or as a laptop

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I wasn’t intending this site to be “live” already, as I haven’t pulled all of my old posts or laptop information into this site yet, but it appears I have traffic coming in.

Excuse the mess while I finish the site up over the next few days. I know that there is a problem with Internet Explorer in some views.

Apple’s October 12th Announcement

ThinkSecret, AppleInsider, and AppleInsider again, and finally macosXrumors , are all reporting that Apple has something really big coming up next week.

All are claiming that Apple will make a big product announcement at an invitation-only event on October 12th, 2005 in San Jose. Apple has sent out invitations with a red curtain motif with the words “One more thing…” When that phrase is uttered by Steve Jobs, he usually brings out something very unique and either very evolutionary or revolutionary. Apple does not hold these events to announce improvements in CPU speed or a few new features.

Some of the above-mentioned sites claim this is for PowerMac and PowerBook announcements. Others are claiming the fabled Video iPod will finally be revealed to the world.

Updated: 12 Oct, 9am EST – signs are pointing to a video iPod.

My wild guess that is/was 100% wrong, but hey we can dream: a combination tablet/notebook with a screen in the 9-inch or 10-inch range, based on the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Pentium Ms from Intel.

I dont’ see a 12-inch widescreen iBook or PowerBook – the time for that upgrade was in January, when the 12″ PowerBooks were last updated, and long after widescreens in the 12-inch range had started appearing on Intel-based laptops. I believe they are saving it for the launch of the Intel-based Macs. As in the past, with very few exceptions (iBook G3 -> G4 notwithstanding), anytime they made major changes in processors, these were accompanied by a new design. Coming out with a new design now, even if it’s just a widescreen, this late in the march towards Intel, would be a waste of resources.

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