Dell Studio XPS 13, Adamo Information

More information is starting to come out about a couple of ultraportables from Dell. Engagdet has posted some photos of what is being called the Dell Studio XPS 13. They mention it being discussed by Dell as the “word’s thinnest laptop”, and that it’s been … Read more

Windows XP Dominates Netbook Market

I think many of us saw this coming. Even though netbooks started out with a heavy Linux influence, once Microsoft began relaxing their rules on Windows XP Home and netbooks, it was pretty clear that Windows XP would end up winning the netbook market. This … Read more

Dell Adjusts Inspiron Mini 12, Adds XP

Dell has adjusted the pricing and added Windows XP Home to its Intel Atom-powered 12.1″ Inspiron Mini 12 netbook lineup. There are three new configurations/prices. All have 1GB of RAM and are powered either by a 1.33GHz Atom or a 1.6GHz Atom, with Intel GMA … Read more

Asus Eee PC 1002HA Availability Online

The 10.2″ Intel Atom-powered Asus Eee PC 1002HA is now starting to appear at various online retailers in the US. It’s got a 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM, and Windows XP Home. It was just announced a few weeks ago, and retailers now show them in … Read more

Another Inspiron Mini 9 During Dell’s Days of Deals

For the second time this week, during Dell’s “Days of Deals” promotion, Dell is offering a substantial discount on their 8.9″ Intel Atom-powered Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. The first time around was an entry-level Inspiron Mini 9 with Linux and a 4GB Solid State Drive … Read more