Dell Studio XPS 13 Unboxing (Engadget)

Engadget managed to get their hands on Dell’s Studio XPS 13, their soon-to-be latest 13-inch laptop. From the gallery and release information back in December of last year, it looks like there have been a few slight changes. Engadget notes that the display has a … Read more

Dell Adds HD (1366×768) Displays to Inspiron Mini 10

It looks like the 10.1-inch Intel Atom powered Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will be the first of the mainstream Atom-powered netbooks/ultraportables to have a High Definition (HD) display. For $35 over the normal price, you can add the 1366×768 display to your build-to-order Inspiron Mini … Read more

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook Leaked?

Gizmodo has been sent a slide and some information about a possible new netbook from Dell that would be geared towards the education market. It’s being called the Dell Latitude 2100 or the Latitude 2100 ‘Welch’. The 10-inch Intel Atom-powered netbook/ultraportable does look different, both … Read more

Dell Inspiron Mini 9n for $199 (1-day only)

Dell is running another one of their one-day only specials for the Inspiron Mini 9 (Mini 9n in this case). It’s $50 off the base model, with a starting price of $199. $199 gets you a Dell Inspiron Mini 9n with: – Intel Atom N270 … Read more

Dell Adamo – Users Can’t Replace Battery

Pocket-lint is reporting that the new 13.4-inch Dell Adamo does not have a user-replaceable battery. At this time, Dell hasn’t mentioned any costs associated with a new or replacement battery. This mirrors the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air as well as Apple’s high-end 17-inch MacBook Pro. … Read more