Dell Latitude E4200 and E4300 at

Looks like the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude E4200 and 13.3-inch Dell Latitude E4300 have made an appearance at Dell’s US website for the Latitude series. The links are not active just yet – they are small thumbnails of each laptop, along with the following descriptions: Dell … Read more

Dell Mini-Inspiron, E-Series Announcements – Today?

There’s a big event today, and based on a few things (last week’s CNN Money article plus Digitimes’ article – see below ) we could see the formal announcements of the Dell Mini Inspiron (or Inspiron Mini), the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude E4200 and the 13.3-inch … Read more

Dell Mini Inspiron, E-Series Next Week?

CNN Money is reporting that next week, Dell is set to roll out a new lineup of computers that could include the 8.9-inch Intel Atom-powered Dell Mini Inspiron (or Inspiron Mini) as well as the E-Series, the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude E4200 and the 13.3-inch Dell … Read more

Dell S2409W 24-inch Display – Unboxing / Mini-Review

Dell S2409w This isn’t exactly ultraportable (or even a laptop) but it is somewhat of a space saver because it does double-duty, and it’s incredibly cheap (at least in my book). As such, I’ve put together a small gallery of around a dozen photos.

A member of my household had need of a display that could replace a 20″ Samsung display, and that could also function as a TV, and that was a decent price. Low and behold, Dell just announced a new display, the 24″ S2409W, a few weeks ago, at a very low price ($379.99 right now).

Low price and yet it offers a 16:9 ratio with a 1920×1080 resolution. Yes, you read that right – 1920×1080. It’s also got a VGA input, DVI input, and an HDMI input. Would have been nice to have a USB hub, but that’s reserved for the more expensive models. The HDMI input handles HDCP content, and you can plug in a Playstation 3 or XBox 360 or a Blu-Ray or DVD player, so that’s how it’s serving double-duty – both as a large computer monitor (for multiple computers), and as a TV device in a den (even if it doesn’t have a TV tuner).

* Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution (1080p)
* 16:9 dynamic aspect ratio
* HDMI connection that supports HDCP
* VGA and DVI inputs, Audio input/output
* Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
* Brightness: 300 cd/m2
* Response: 5ms
* Viewing Angle: 160 degree / 170 degree

Gallery: Dell S2409W 24-inch LCD Photo Gallery and Unboxing

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Dell Latitude E Series – E4200, E4300, XT2 – More Info

Dell Latitude E4200 It’s been a month since we last heard any more information about the upcoming ultraportable Dell Latitude E Series, namely the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude E4200 and the 13.3-inch Dell Latitude E4300.

Well, Engadget has once again turned up some PowerPoint presentations, with a much more defined roadmap for where the Latitude E series is headed and when we can expect to start seeing them become available.

Availability looks to be in September of 2008, with three colors for each: Regatta Blue, Royal Red, Quartz Pink. The Dell Latitude D430 (which is being replaced by the E4200 and E4300) will continue to be available until January of 2009, so there will be some overlap – about five months.

A side note: the Dell Latitude XT2 convertible Tablet PC, the sequel to the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude XT, is listed as being available in January or February of 2009.

While much of the information was already known, there are some interesting new highlights:

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