LG P300 Now in Europe

The LG P300 (or LG XNOTE P300) is apparently showing up in Europe (it debuted in Korea at the end of last year). Some have seen this 13.3″ LED-backlit widescreen ultraportable as a possible competitor to Dell’s XPS M1330 or possibly even the Apple MacBook … Read more

New High Performance Samsung SSDs, Dell

Samsung Electronics is currently mass producing 64GB Solid State Drives (SSDs) that will reach much faster speeds (read at 100MB per second, write at 80MB per second) using a new Serial ATA interface (SATA-II). It’s being referred to as the Samsung SATA-II SSD and eventually … Read more

Good Deal – Dell XPS M1330 at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering $250 off, today only and online-only on a model of the Dell XPS M1330 series. $999.99 – normally $1249.99. Specs: – Model: X1330B8105 (SKU: 8647967) – Alpine White – 2GB Memory – Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 (1.66GHz, 665MHz FSB) – … Read more

Dell Offers Wireless USB as XPS M1330 Option

In addition to adding Intel’s Penryn CPU to the XPS M1330 lineup, Dell has recently began offering the option to add built-in Wireless USB (for $150 USD extra of course). It appears this has been around for at least a month or longer. The Wireless … Read more

February 10th Odds and Ends

A roundup of interesting articles from the past week. Wired Magazine: Like Apple, Intel Wants to Put the Internet in Your Pocket – Discussion of Intel’s Silverthorne and Intel’s efforts at pushing beyond that, to where we can have a near-desktop like internet experience in … Read more