Sony Offering Trade-In Bonus to Dell Owners

According to InformationWeek, Sony is offering $500 off of some laptop lines, in exchange for working Dells. Unfortunately it looks like it’s only for the VAIO BX line:

Sony’s trade-in offer of $500 for working Dell systems eclipses the $300 it provides for trade-ins on all other systems for Vaio BX series notebooks. Sony said the rebate can be claimed by solution providers for their clients. Such a trade-in would represent a hefty discount off the price of some of the Vaio BX notebooks, which start at a street price of $1,171.

Apple’s Market Value Higher Than Dell

Apple Market Value: $ 72,132,428,843.20
Dell Market Value: $ 71,970,702,760

Apparently Apple passed up Dell in market value yesterday. That doesn’t have anything to do with marketshare – Dell sells a lot more machines, but it is interesting that Apple is worth more – that’s a heckuva lot of iPods. What it really means, I have no idea – I’m not a financial analyst. It’s just generating a lot of conversation here and there on the web.