Apple Notebook Event 2008 – Notes

Apple Redesigned MacBook 2008 Some notes and thoughts about the notebook event that Apple held today. I like the new MacBook design, and keeping the price low enough was very important (redesigned MacBooks start at $1299, older-style at $999). Steve Jobs also left the door open for netbooks in the future.

The new designs:
– They are moving the MacBooks and MacBook Pros to the same design / construction as the 13.3″ MacBook Air
– MacBook Pros are getting a hybrid graphics system, similar to certain Sony models (although the Sony VAIOs using Intel and NVIDIA side-by-side – Apple’s solution is NVIDIA for both). Uses an NVIDIA 9400M and 9600M GT.
– The new MacBooks are getting an LED-lit display, along with the new NVIDIA graphics, a faster bus speed, and faster memory (DDR3).
– For the time being, you can still buy the older style 13.3″ MacBook
– Firewire was dropped from the redesigned MacBooks

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Asus N10 – Available in the US

Asus N10 Three models of the high-end 10.2″ Asus N10 netbook have started showing up at online retailers in the US, including some carrying it in stock as we speak. All are powered by an Intel Atom CPU, and come with 1GB – 2GB of RAM, 160GB – 320GB HDD, and either Windows XP Home or Vista Business or Vista Home Premium.

The N10J features nVidia GeForce 9300M G graphics with 256MB dedicated graphics memory. You can actually switch back and forth between the Intel and nVidia graphics. All feature HDMI ports and Bluetooth.

The N10E might have just a 3-cell battery and it might not have a fingerprint reader.

Full specifications/links:

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Asus N10 Review (Mobile Computer)

Julian over at Mobile Computer magazine has put together a review of the new 10″ Asus N10 netbook. Sometimes it’s hard to refer to the Asus N10 as a netbook – the $700 price (USD) is up there, but there have been other netbooks in … Read more

Sony VAIO TT Review (TT198UBX)

After their hands-on preview, LAPTOP Magazine has published their review of the pricey Sony VAIO TT series (TT198UBX). When I say pricey, it’s over $4,000 USD (the model reviewed) but it does have a large capacity 256GB Solid State Drive setup (SSD) along with a … Read more

Asus N10 Revealed

Asus N10 Blogee has come up with an exclusive that maybe huge that of an upscale 10.2-inch Asus N10 netbook.

The listed price of €330 – €430 ($488 – $637) – I have a hard time seeing that based on the pricing of their current Eee PC lineup (which is out of line with models from Acer and Lenovo and possibly Dell). $450 – $600 would get you a lesser Eee PC than an N10, so either the price is right and Asustek is going to drop the prices on the Eee PC line, or the price is wrong and will be higher.

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