Review: Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet (LAPTOP Magazine)

LAPTOP Magazine has reviewed the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet, the sequel to IBM/Lenovo’s ThinkPad X41 Tablet. This is a “convertible”, in that while it has all of the functionality of a Tablet PC (including running the Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP, or using the Table functionality of Microsoft Windows Vista Premium or Business editions, it also has a physical keyboard and can be configured to work as a laptop.

Announced: Lenovo 3000 V100

Lenovo has revealed information about their new ultraportable, that is a part of their 3000 series. It’s the Lenovo 3000 V100, and has a 12.1-inch display, BUT, unlike the previous ultraportables they have released this year, the ThinkPad X60, this has a widescreen display (1280×800), making for a smaller footprint. Like the ThinkPad X60 series, the V100 is powered by an Intel Core Duo CPU (although a Core Solo is available).